Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tea's Tangents

1. I went to this wack spa in Chicago in November. I had an appointment for a bunch of things, one of which was an eyebrow wax. They had no wax. So at that time, it'd probably been 3 weeks since I had my brows waxed. Then I had a spa appointment at the end of December in Chicago, but I had to cancel it because I was sick. It's January and I haven't arched my brows since October. I decided I'm going to let them grow in completely. I'm going to look like Ernie, then I'm going to flourish under the Brooke Shields Act. I think thick unruly brows are in now. If they're not, I'm about to bring 'em back how Solange did with dookie braids.

2. Another sickness funny. I'm pretty much allergic to spicy foods. Allergic = eyes watering, nose running, ears itching, etc. When I have mustard that is too spicy my entire face gets hot and I can't really breathe. I can't even eat Flamin' Hots. So my sinus infection clogged up my ears. Read here that there's pretty much nothing I can do about it, but I was convinced at the time that eating spicy foods was the answer. So I ate an entire raw jalepeño pepper. It tasted like lettuce. Then I ate another pepper (I don't even know what it was, but it was hotter than the jalepeño). I read that you were supposed to use gloves when reading peppers, but I don't have any gloves, so I roughed it. What I did not do was put on my contacts BEFORE cutting these peppers. Oh, the burn! So I can't really see without my contacts. So I put sandwich bags on my hands to put my contacts on. It worked. It wasn't funny at the time, but go ahead, laugh at my pain.

3. As you well know, my mom is the biggest football fan in life. I'm a Bears fan. I could take or leave all these other games. We're texting on Sunday and she's like "Are you watching this game?" I'm like nah, I'm in the house sick, hating life. She's like "Man, there are 2 black quarterbacks on TV. You better get up and get it together." If this woman had to choose me or football... man, I don't know. (She was right though. That 49ers/Carolina game was good).

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