Monday, January 6, 2014


I wanted to give you all an update on mentoring. The last thing I have to do is get an FBI clearance. I swear I sent my cashier's check and background information in about two months ago. I haven't gotten anything back yet. :(

I can't believe I've been gathering all of the paperwork it takes to do this since May. I'm still excited about mentoring. I'm still very much looking forward to giving back. I wish the process could have gone a bit quicker. And I truly hope my FBI clearance didn't get lost in the mail. I have no way of finding out since it was a Cashier's Check and not a regular check.

I hope I didn't just get got for $40 by a federal agency.

Are you volunteering anywhere new this year or same ol', same ol? Share your volunteer ops with me!

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Ishea said...

I haven't found a place to volunteer yet in Seattle, but I did find out that my company will match any donation up to 5k which is awesome! They'll also give up to a $500 grant to any place we volunteer at least 20 hours in a year. Beyond dope. I heard about a program that takes dogs on the list to get euthanized and partners them with prison inmates. Those inmates work with the animal for 2 months helping to train it, then it is posted for adoption! 2 things that are close to my heart... so this is something I'm looking more closely into helping out with.