Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Just Angry

Posted this to Facebook. Then took is down as I think this is a better forum. I have every right to be angry when I'm angry. But sometimes I feel like if I'm angry in certain forums, people only notice when I'm angry vs. all the times I was happy or funny or silly on those forums. Facebook is one of those forums, so I think over here is better.
I'm still pissed about the fact that...
Car accidents suck. Someone rear ended me in August. I got my car repaired and their insurance company charged ME for half of the rental charge claiming that I left my BRAND NEW CAR in the shop DAYS after I was contacted that it was fixed. This is just not true. Enterprise doesn't want to hear it. The car shop THAT I PURCHASED MY VEHICLE FROM won't call me back and the insurance company is washing... their hands of it. Yes, I have proof. Yes, I'm going to write letters and send them certified mail. Yes, I will take them to small claims court, if it takes all that, but this is just added stress that I do not need. #DONOTWANT How is it possible that someone can rear end me, she's sitting in her house with no problems and almost six months after the fact, I have costs, four-page letters and stress related to it. Grateful that I was not hurt. Furious that I have to deal with this right now. Moral of the story: SLOW DOWN AND PAY ATTENTION ON THE ROAD.

P.S. I'm kind of proud of the fact that I'd have two straight weeks of posts for y'all. That's what three weeks of sickness will do for you. It'll have you in the house, pensive and writing and such.  (hopefully I feel better by the time this posts).

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Ishea said...

Yeah, that's crazy that they actually had the nerve to charge you for anything. I hate shit like this.