Monday, January 20, 2014

Chicago Snow Removal

When I was in Chicago for the holiday it was snowing like mad. It was a few days before the Polar Vortex and everyone was commenting on how bad snow removal was under Rahm Emanuel. I actually brag and brag on how clean Chicago streets are to people from Pittsburgh.

Then I go home and it was like we forgot what snow plows and salt trucks were.

I did a little research and found the following budgets.

2012 - $20 million
2013 - 16.3 million
2014 - $20 million

Chicago's fiscal year is the same as the calendar year AND the 2012-2013 winter boasted less snow than Chicago had ever seen before. The article said there were 367 days without snow (or something of the sort).

So we were right folks. Chicago had a surplus in the snow budget in 2012 because the weather was so warm (that's also when murders surged) and then in 2013, they cut the budget. Likely trying to predict the weather and hope it was as mild as 2012.

THEN on December 31, when it was snowing like crazy, they probably told mogs to stay at home and wait until January 1 to shovel the snow.

That's a mess Rahm Emanuel. A literal snowy mess.

How has snow removal gone in your neck of the woods?

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