Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013... Canceled

Did you know that canceled and cancelled are both accepted spellings. Sort of like grey and grey. It's just the American English vs. British English versions.

That's not the point though.

The point is, this year my holiday was canceled, thanks to the flu.

It started with a tickle in my throat at a going away party in Pittsburgh on Monday night. Then hacking cough Monday night. Full-blown sickness with fever on Tuesday and Wednesday (yes, this was Christmas and Christmas Eve), then shivers, body aches, congested nose, tight chest and the worst lingering cough in life.

  • Cooking mac n cheese for the family on Christmas... canceled.
  • Breakfast with a dear friend... canceled.
  • Dinner with my homeboy... canceled.
  • Working from the Chicago office... canceled. (I actually carried my tail to work in 0 degree weather and suffered through a Friday morning conference call before deciding that my brain was medicine mush and going home and going to bed)
  • Friday night catch-up with high school friends... canceled.
  • Cheerleader reunion (yes, we still do this. The bond is strong.)... canceled.
  • Posh Day Party... canceled.
  • 4th quarter of the Bears/Packers game... canceled. (I actually went to urgent care during this time because the nurse helpline said it sounded like I had a bacterial infection instead of just a flu virus. She was wrong, thank God, but you can never be too safe.)
  • And my good friend had the stomach flu yesterday, so Dre & J House party with her, also... canceled.
I'm grateful that I was able to suffer in my mother's home. The food was plentiful and her care was needed. I also got to spend Sunday with my cousin who invited me to church, cooked me brunch and took me to urgent care... while the Bears game was on. I'm also grateful for a flexible place of employment. I planned to work from home ANYWAY, but being sick made it that much more necessary. I'm grateful they offer that type of flexibility.

I guess if I have to think of a theme for Christmas 2013 it would be The flu sucks, family over everything and by God, I made it. I was down and out, but I made it.

With a final week of 2013 like that, I'm so happy to see 2014. Bring on the Vitamin C and the flu shots!

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