Monday, December 2, 2013

Mission Accomplished

You've probably seen me mention on Twitter or otherwise that I'm tired of twisting my hair. The longer it gets the more I have to do to it. At one point, I could do a two-strand twist-out on Sunday and have that same hairstyle all week. No more.

So about three weeks ago, I cut it off. I did a cute little asymmetric cut (I'm into those) and only cut about 2 inches off of the front, but about five inches off of the back.


Not only is it cute when it's straight, but it curls up perfectly in a wash-n-go AND my two-strand twistout lasts for days. I'm so happy.

I have to do a bit of trial and error because I forgot what to do with with my hair when it's short, but I'd rather do that than to have to twist my hair every night. I just got 45 minutes of sleep back. Hooray!

I am going to let the back grow back out though because I can't twist it back there. I'm just doing struggle twists at this point, or worse, letting it do what it wants.

Let's be honest, this is an exercise in control. When I two-strand twist my hair, I'm about 80% sure I know what it's going  to look like. When it air dries or can't be twisted... ain't no tellin'.

I think the front is the optimal length and I'll keep it short in the front and let the back grow to that same length.

Here's a pic!