Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: Year in Abridged Review

January: Brought in the new year at New Life, then at a Posh Party (1 day). Went to Vegas for fun (3 days).

February: Gave up TV for Lent. Went to Cancun for work (5 days). Went to NYC for work (1 day).

March: Mom came to visit me in pgh. Went to Nashville to visit Les (2 days). Did NOT go to Chicago for Easter. Womp.

April: Binged on TV.Went to San Antonio, TX for work (2 days). Went to Shinora's bridal shower. Threw a 3-day, 5-event #TeaParty for my 30th birthday in Chicago (5 days).

May: Went to Chicago for work (2 days). Went to Chicago for Paris' epic birthday weekend (2 days). 

June: Went to North Carolina for Shinora's wedding weekend (2 days)! My aunt came to visit me in pgh. Went the Beyonce concert in Vegas (3 days).

July: Went to Chicago for work, stayed for play (7 days). Two weeks later, I went BACK to Chicago for my mom's bday in July (2 days).

August: Erikka's Bridal Shower. Jamaica for Kellie's bday (4 days).

September: Went to Vegas for Dorian's 30th bday (3 days). Grayson wedding in Pittsburgh. Chicago for work [but you know I played] (3 days).

October: Went to Atlanta for the NBPRS conference (4 days).

November: Went to Chicago for work, stayed for the #TeamDavis wedding (9 days), Went back to Chicago for Thanksgiving (4 days).

December: Went to Chicago for work (1 day) Went to Chicago for Christmas (8 days).

According to US Travel Statistics, people in my age group take 3.9 leisure trips and 4.2 business trips per year. So an "average year" for most = my Jan-Apr. I love it though.

P.S. I started adding # of days to this, so I could write posts like this that chronicle how long I've been away from where I pay rent. Pretty cool, huh?

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