Monday, November 18, 2013

You're Right

I'm not particularly entrepreneurial, but I have lots of ideas. I'm not really into working around the clock, doing payroll, thinking about my bottom line every waking moment of my life. Things of that nature that come with owning your own business. I rather enjoy turning off for the weekend.

But, I have an idea for a business.

Lots of times I am irritated, agitated, perturbed, or just downright unhappy at work. Usually these are fleeting moments and situational in nature. They're usually caused by someone not doing their job in a way that I think they should. Or by someone doing or saying something shitty to me. If I were to retaliate, I'd be stooping to their level. Not saying anything at all has me in this blind rage that whoever talks to me next will have to deal with.

So I want to gchat my friends and complain about this stuff, but then it's like I have to give so much background info. Then I want to talk to other coworkers about stuff, but I don't have any true allies in the workplace. I have advocates, but they are not appropriate to parties to whom I should gripe, bitch and/or complain.

So here's what I'd like. I'd like a fake electronic sounding board, mentor and/or therapist who will listen to all the complaints I have and just hit me with black woman affirmations:

Um hm. Yeah girl. They did WHAT? No, they didn't. Aw hayle naw. They know they wrong for that. Ooh girl, what did you DO?!?!?! Naw Joe. Uh uh. Wouldn't let that shit happen to me though. And my absolute, favorite. You were right!

No advice. No seeing the other person's side. No "don't do that, you're going to fired." Just straight up and down, I hear you, you're not any less awesome because that person is horrible, you are RIGHT and now that you know you are right, get back to work.

Who wants to create that start-up. I'd be your first customer and I won't even charge you a finder's fee for the brilliant idea.

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Ishea said...

I seriously thought about being an on-call virtual friend. Kinda like a "help line" for corporate, 1st world problems. If I actually do this, I'll add you as my first client. I should have you on my gchat anyway lol... you can always gripe to me :)