Friday, November 29, 2013

Let's Talk About Black Friday

I, like most Americans, am disgusted that stores are opening as early as 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving night which means that people who would have usually had the day off, now have to work. However, I'm not really about to pick that torch up and run with it. Here's why:

In order for a retail store to be open at 5 a.m. on Black Friday, workers still have to report to work on Thanksgiving. Nothing has changed since the stores are opening earlier.

I don't believe that people REALLY have a problem with others working on Thanksgiving. Here's a list of people who have had to work on Thanksgiving since the beginning of time and no one through a fit:

News station anchors and employees employees
NFL players (and commentators and concessions stand workers and security)
NBA players (and commentators and concessions stand workers and security)
Drug store employees
Gas station employees
And depending on where you live big box retailers that are open on the holiday for last minute egg, butter and milk purchases

So, now, all of a sudden everyone's mad that other people have to work on Thanksgiving. I don't believe it. I think it's just the new, sexy thing to be upset about.

If you're really mad don't participate in Black Friday. OR if you're REALLY mad, stop stopping at stores that open on Thanksgiving. If you're thorough, you'll find that you won't support anyone. You'd never watch professional sports or the news again. You'd never buy gas again and you'd definitely never be able to go to a discount store again.

So, I'm not happy about stores being open on Thursday night, but I'm just not going to shop. I'm not signing any petitions or doing any marches. I think this cause is pointless.


Unknown said...

If I made millions of dollars to do something I enjoy, I'd "work" on Thanksgiving too. NBA and NFL players don't get any sympathy from me. Retail employees do. Most work for minimum wage with no benefits. They should at least be able to spend time with their families during the holidays.

I think people are broke, so Black Friday is probably gonna end up being a bust.

KC said...

I agree with the first posters comments. In the case of health care professionals, there is a significant difference between saving someone's life and someone saving $25 on a cashmere sweater.

Elle KiDD said...

My issue is the fact that a day that's suppose to be set aside for giving thanks has been twisted into a day full of folks fighting greedily and selfishly for a sale. But I don't complain, I simply don't participate.

I work in retail. I make more than minimum wage and my benefits are amazing. If I was called in to work on Thanksgiving, I would have gladly oblige. When I decided to pursue this position in retail, I was well aware of the responsibilities that came along with it.