Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Anniversary To Me!

Today marks my one-year anniversary at my new gig and my move to Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, I'm in Chicago for the week. LOL!

What does this MEAN?!?!?!? What did we learn here today? As usual and in the words of Al Sharpton on SNL with Kerry Washington: nothing.

(I can't find the video to embed and I have work to do, so you'll have to Google it if you didn't see it).

Side note: I never have an actual anniversary with a man so when places like the Melting Pot or Southwest vacations asked for my anniversary (birthday would be a better thing to ask for), I just put my work anniversary, which has always been in November for some reason. Also my mom's marriages to my late stepfather and my current stepfather were both in November. It's a good month to celebrate stuff. ;-)

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Ishea said...

Congrats on surviving your first year in Pittsburgh!! How does it feel? I'm 4 months into living in Seattle and I'm just itching to find my niche here... that and slowly counting down to the day we can leave! lol..

On another note, how many days have you actually been in Pittsburgh? lol... you stay going back to Chicago lol.