Thursday, November 14, 2013

Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

Grandma: How much weight have you gained?
T: Hmm... Probably about 10 lbs. I weigh about 145 now.
Grandma: Well, you look good. You're getting a little gut, but other than that, you look good.

Now, I could be writing this blog post to tell you that, as evidenced, by my very honest grandma, I need to carry my tail (and my gut) to the gym. And how traumatized I am every time I go to her house and get that good, honest feedback.

But my outlook is much more positive. I translated my grandmother's words to mean "Baby, a gut has not now, nor will it ever impede action."

Oh, what a wise woman she is. That ain't nothing but the truth.

I hope you'll keep a sunny outlook today.


Elle KiDD said...

My grandma ALWAYS calls me fat. She never uses the word fat but yeah... fat. Minus the "you look good though" part.

Ishea said...

I think the beautiful thing about having matriarchs in our family... outspoken, honest to a fault women that are close to us, is ultimately being able to have someone keep us humble, honest, and accountable. I come from a family full of very blunt women, but as quickly as they can point out weight gain, they'll also lift me all the way up with any achievement. I believe balance is everything. I've had my mom make comments about my weight whenever I've gained some... and honestly, if your mom/grandma can't point something out to you, who can? Better yet... who will even bother? lol... So many people will have friends watch them gain 10, 20, 50 lbs and be "nice" but not honest. Sometimes you need someone to say something out of love. I think hearing it from a loving source is the key.