Friday, November 22, 2013

2013 Days in the Chi

When I lived in Chicago, I went to L.A. and New York the most. Like 5-6 times each per year. This year, I will have gone to Vegas (3x) and Chicago (11x) the most by year's end.

I just added it up, and I will have spent 42 days in the Chi by the year's end. I really do need to get a second apartment so I can be comfortable when I'm home. LOL!

I've also spent 28 other days outside of Pittsburgh as a mix of work and leisure travel.

So that's a total of 70 total days outside of Pittsburgh in 2013. (Which, in real life is only 19% of the time. It's REALLY not that bad, when you think of it that way.)

If you flip it though and think that a majority of my days away from the 'Burgh, were weekend days and there are only 104 weekend days in a year, then it seems like I spend about 75% of my time outside of Pittsburgh and sometimes, it does feel that way.

I'm here like 2 weekends each month though. That's enough.

Where do you travel most during the year?

P.S. Still going to do a reflections on my first year away from the Chi. Gotta gather my thoughts.

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Ishea said...

Sounds like you should start a travel section for your blog. Travel tips, Travel advice, reviews, etc... might be the perfect fit for someone always on the go like yourself!