Tuesday, September 24, 2013

In Response to Details Matter

I don't know if you all read when I comment on comments, so I'm just doing a new post (plus I don't have anything else to talk about).

In response to Ishea...

I actually love ellipsis. I hate improper use of such a powerful grammar tool. LOL!

PGH social life is really cool for me because I'm a social person. It's super easy to sit around and do nothing, but I'm not on that. Have I told y'all about my church family? I spend every Sunday with them and have been to my Pastor's daughter (June) and son's (September) weddings. They make fun of me because I'm rarely in the 'Burgh two weekends in a row. So after dinner (after church), I do a round of kisses and am like: I'll see you in two or three weeks and they give me the sideeye.

The kids [kids=my Pastor's grown kids] are also starting to invite me to their non-church activities. It's hard to break into a circle of adults who have been friends since high school, but they've been welcoming and I feel truly blessed to have that. 

Summertime here is WAY better than the winter. I was definitely lonely when I first got here [not to be confused with being single because unlike right now I was NOT single when I arrived. I digress.] Even though I had a nice amount of connects the entire city is on lock in the winter. No one is really trying to come out of the house when it was cold and snowy. It was like go to work. Go home. Go to house parties and eat soup (and I didn't know anyone well enough to be in their house like that.) So I ordered good cable.

Now that I know more people, I imagine there will be lots of sports watching and holiday parties, so yeah, I'm satisfied on the social front.

One more note on social. They don't have anything fresh, fly, swanky, hot, happening, avande garde (Maybe like 1 thing, but I can't do that same thing every weekend)... Nothing like that is poppin' on the regular, so house parties are as good as it's going to get and that's ok for here and for now.

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