Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hair Problems

More responses to Ishea...

Some problems I've blamed on Pittsburgh, but it's really a mix of Pittsburgh, poor planning and shifted priorities.

Girl, you would think I could fit a stylist appointment in when I go to Chicago. I got my ends clipped at the end of April, so I was due at the end of July. Howsoever, when I was there I was helping with my mom's 50th birthday party. I literally didn't have 2-3 free hours to tend to myself (Plus she would have flipped if I left for 2-3 hours to get my hair done on HER special day).

I'm going home for an impromptu trip this weekend. Now my hair budget is half of my spending money for the weekend. It's still crazy to visit Chicago because although I dine out a lot, I have to buy EVERYTHING when I go home, so I don't really have cash for big ticket items. Credit maybe, not cash.

So yeah, this is bad planning on my part. I need to EXPECT to pay to get my hair done about four times a year to stay fresh.

How crazy is this post to think I used to get my hair done about 12 times a year without a second thought. Natural hair is the truth.

These sound like excuses, but I swear they are valid reasons. I WOULD get my hair done, but the way my bank account is set up...

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Ishea said...

Hilarious lol. Yes, you have to make time for the important things. I only go to the salon for trim, color, and brazilian blowouts. I don't try to play kitchen beautician in those areas. However, for the regular wash/style/maintenance I can do that at home. Happy travels! I'm actually in AZ with family right now and it feels good to spend time with the parentals.