Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Event Alert: Townhall Meeting on the State of Our Community

Got this in my inbox and wanted to share. Lots of people that I respect on this panel. In my never-ending quest to figure out what to do that will actually matter, this is the type of forum that could help me get to some tangibles. I wish I could be home to attend.


Please join us for a Town-Hall styled meeting to discuss the Trayvon Martin case. The aim of the discussion is to serve as an outlet for young professionals in our community to discuss what role we can play in counteracting the widespread perception of young black men and in discuss potential strategies on providing assistance to the potential Federal case against Zimmerman and finally to act as a launchpad for counteracting violence in Chicago.
Hosted By 
Loni Swain and Isaac Paul

Red Kiva
1108 West Randolph, 60607
Saturday, September 21st
2:00pm - 6:00pm

Discussion Panelists
- Mitzi Miller (Editor in Chief, Jet Magazine)
- Joshua Mercer (Founder, Swish Dreams)
- Deanna Mcleary (Editor/Founder, Truestar Magazine) 
- RyhmeFest (Musician/Politician, Co-Founder of Donda's House)
- Dr. Obari Cartman (Professor of African American Studies, Ebony Magazine columnist)
- Brian Sleet (Chief of Staff, Office of the Honorable Roderick T. Sawyer, Alderman, 6th Ward at City of Chicago)

Rsvp for free admission

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