Monday, September 23, 2013

Details Matter

I love details. This is why I love weddings so much. This is why I love working in PR so much. I don't just love details, I think they matter. Here is why what I'm getting ready to tell you is so shocking. I think I've fallen off in Pittsburgh. The falloffability factor is just so high here. That AND it's hard as hell to find reasonably-priced, well-executed goods and services. Here are the top 10 ways I know something is seriously wrong with my psyche as it relates to personal details.

10. I'm bushy - I have not found a good eyebrow person here. I've been so traumatized by the eyebrow people here that I would rather have bushy unkempt eyebrows until I go back to Chicago than to let anyone here touch them. And I'm not Brooke Shield/Beyonce my eyebrows are thick and natural looking but really totally shaped bushy. Nah, I'm just a bushy mess.

9. I'm tacky - *hood chic hand clap* Chipped. Nails. Are. Tacky. So when I see my nails chip, I no longer immediately run to the bathroom and/or the nearest drugstore to get polish remover and take them off. No ma'ams and sirs. I will go like 2, maybe 3 days KNOWING my nail is chipped and just not fix it.

8. I'm broken - My big toenail broke on the far right side and instead of running IMMEDIATELY running to the nail salon... I just let it grow out. WHO DOES THAT.

7. I'm jagged - As in my fingernails will chip and I don't even keep an emery board in my purse any further. What self-proclaimed diva doesn't have an emery board in her purse? My mother may disown me.

6. I'm open - As in my hem was wide open. I wore a dress to a wedding with an undone hem on the slit in the back because 1. I didn't want to change what I was wearing. 2. I could not find any stitch witchery. I looked. 3. I did not have time to hand sew the hem and 4. No one would be taking pictures [hopefully] of the back of my dress. But I knew. So problematic.

5. I'm naked - I have literally walked out of the house without earrings on. Realized I didn't have them on... and kept walking. I wasn't even late for work. (Side note: A friend in a sorority told me their on-campus manual included things like "You must never leave the house without earrings on." She and I became closer when I realized how alike we were. LOL)

4. I'm hole-y. I wish I could say in the God sense, but nah. I pulled a sweater out of the crates for the fall. Put that jawn on, got to work and saw a hole in the shoulder. Like is this for real. In Chicago, I would have hit up the closest retail outlet and found a new cardigan. Here... there are no retail outlets near my job (that I would actually wear clothes from). I was just messy, messy, messy.

3. I'm wilderbeasty. Showing true laziness sometimes I will just not shave my legs and still wear a skirt, shorts or capris. It's really ridiculous y'all.

2. I'm split - As in I haven't been home for Cori to clip my ends since April. You'd think I would have learned my lesson after waiting 10 months to get my ends clipped last year and having to cut so much hair off. But here I am, in Pittsburgh, with raggedy hair.

1. I'm dry - I finally figured out what to do with my hair here. The air is SO dry. But it took me a smooth five months or so to figure that out and every once in a while I try a new routine that makes me look like I forgot to moisturize my situation.

I would say pray for me, but there are bigger things to pray about. Send me some Southwest gift cards, so I can go home on a schedule and get my ENTIRE routine right together.

You may be thinking, T, none of these things matter. But they do. And I'm scaring myself by not caring about them more. Like I always say , at least I'm pretty in the face.

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Ishea said...

I always allow my nails (toes/hands) to grow out whenever there is a chip. A chip on a big toe is detrimental and something I seemed to be prone to having happen. As for the trims... I recently found a stylist in Seattle that I trusted to give me a fresh Brazilian Blowout and trim my end... but I'm holding off on color. Cori is the only person I trust. As many times as you've been back to Chicago... just go get your ends tackled lol.

How is your Pittsburgh social life doing? Being in Seattle has me feeling a certain way... granted, you do make it back home all the time, so it probably doesn't feel as traumatic. Come winter do you plan on visiting as much? Sidebar: I just remembered how much you hate ellipsis lol... sorry, I'm hooked on them. Granted I do know to use 3 and not .. or .... lol