Monday, August 26, 2013

Where to live in Pittsburgh

Chichi, have your friend call or email me for true details, but here's a quick neighborhood guide.

Much like Chicago, Pittsburgh is a city of neighborhoods stacked on top of each other. It's just a 10th of the size and a thousandth of the diversity. But I digress.

If you don't mind living in an up and coming neighborhood and/or the hood to save money consider:
The Hill, Manchester, Hazelwood*, Mount Washington or North Side. If you choose north side, be sure to stay by the stadium and don't go TOO far into the neighborhood. They really do have a problem with gun violence over there.

If you prefer a city feel, walking neighborhoods and can deal with congestion/hard parking consider:
South Side - This is like living on green street at the University of Illinois or Division in Chicago. Tons of restaurants and bars, but also tons of drunk frat boys.
Shadyside - This is by far my favorite neighborhood, but nothing was available when I was looking. It's like a Pennsylvania version of Lincoln Park in Chicago. Tons to do and lots of young people, but not ONLY students. Lots of yuppies (no diss) and young families as well.
Strip District - This is another of my favorite neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. It has a lot of bars, clubs, restaurants, fresh fisheries and Pittsburgh-specific places like DuLuca's and the Steelers superstore. There are a lot of lofts here too.

If you're a hipster or just like living around hipsters consider:
Lawrenceville - This neighborhood is tiny but reminds me of a lowkey Wicker Park. Two good weekends and you can do everything they have to offer, but the restaurants are so good, you'll want to go back over and over again.

If you want in-unit washer/dryer:
You basically need to live Downtown. High Rises to look into include River Rue, The Pennyslvanian, Washington Plaza, 909 Penn, Heinz Lofts (this is in the Strip District, but just like the high rises downtown), Cork Factory (also in the strip district) and one on Stanwix that I cannot remember the name of, but it's called "*something* on Stanwix."

If you want to live in the suburbs:
Ask somebody else. LOL! *Black bougie girl voice* I don't really "do" suburbs.

Also, DO NOT pay Chicago prices for Pittsburgh apartments. They will have you thinking it's inevitable because the rental market is ludicrous, but it's not. You can find a great value for your money in this city.

Best wishes!

*I originally put Hazelcrest where Hazelwood is. Hazelcrest is a suburb of Chicago. Hazelwood is an actual neighborhood in Pittsburgh. I clearly miss home.


chichi said...

Oh wow, you broke it all the way down. Thank you! I've asked her to email you and sent her the link to this post.

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