Friday, August 30, 2013


Responsibility is awesome and horrible. I just woke up on the best day of the year (that day comes twice a month, Praise the Lord!) and paid all of my bills BEFORE I head out of town on a mini-vacation. What kind of grown-up, adult, boring lifestyle is that?

I mean, I know exactly how much cash I have to spend and how much I need to keep in the bank if I intend to go grocery shopping when I get home.

Who DOES that?


I can make fun of myself now, but I think I used to get a rise out of being wreckless with my money. Well, with the credit card company's money. Like I was getting away with something. *looks at past interest payments* Trust me, I didn't get away with a thing.

After work, I'm headed to Vegas for the third time this year. I meant to go to Vegas this much this year, but not really. *inside joke*

Y'all make sure to wish Dorian a happy 30th birthday on Tuesday. We're about to get it in!!!

What are you getting into for the holiday weekend?

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