Tuesday, August 20, 2013

More Vacation Musings: Phones, Clothes and Shoes

  • I turned my phone completely off while I was on vacation. While I was dying to know what was cracking on Instagram the random updates on Facebook and constant need to check my email immediately left me. 1. 'Cause I was on vacation, but 2. Because Verizon doesn't have any package deals for Jamaica. Fam, I'm not paying the 5.
  • Speaking of paying the five, I didn't buy a stitch of clothing for this vacation. Going to Vegas for my bff's birthday on Labor Day weekend. I'm not buying anything. Going to a professional conference in October, not buying anything. When I was saving money to pay my credit cards down, I wanted to buy things, but didn't and guess what, life still goes on. This also made me realize I don't need new clothes every time I leave my zip code. But this time around two very significant things are happening. 1. I REALLY don't have a desire to buy anything because I have so much. I have plenty and I shop all the time. but 2. I don't have a desire to buy anything because I'm comfortable with myself, with what I have, with how my clothes look. I'm just in a really good place right now.
  • I love to shop. Whoo! Pittsburgh is making it hard for a sister, let me tell you. To my credit, I have not been shopping since the 4th of July. That's a smooth 6 weekends.
  • They had Pittsburgh fashion week here. A V.I.P. pass for 5 days of events, goodie bags at each one and specialty seating and cocktails was $125. I opted not to go so I could have more spending money on my vacation, but I'm definitely on that next week. What I really want to know is if there are more boutiques in the city. I think they're tucked into the suburbs. It's time out for being subjected to the Loft, Express and a subpar Nordstrom as my high fashion options.
  • Someone drove their car into DSW in Robinson, PA. People were hurt. There was structural damage to the entire building, so it was closed for like 3 weeks. Before this news story the only DSW I knew about was in Homestead, PA. So I was the news and the first thing I thought was "Wait, there's a DSW in Robinson?" I know I'm wrong.  

Apparently not being on social media for a few days has left me with a lot to say. Let's see if I can get a week's worth of posts out of this trip. See y'all tomorrow!

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