Thursday, August 8, 2013

More on #9 from yesterday

This is deeper than I'm making it, but how are you going to be mad at me for supporting the 'cause. Or as all these angry people say, "fake" supporting since all I do in the world is change my profile pic. There's no way I donated money, or mentored a child, or made sure my own brothers were safe law-abiding citizens. Nope, I'm ONLY interested in the death of an unarmed teen because everyone else is and therefore I don't matter.

Further, no one and I mean no one got mad when everyone changed their photos to equal signs to support gay marriage. Half the people who did that sit in churches every week that do not support gay marriage. They are not vocal, nor are they on the front line of the debate, but when they changed their photo, no one called them on that.

But let it be something black. Lawd, people are up in arms about MY PROFILE picture on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Dare I say the amount of energy that it took these self-righteous jerks to be mad at me and everyone else participating in a social media movement could have been better served doing all the doing they claim we are not doing.

Or they could have had a damnV8. But I'm sleep.

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