Saturday, August 3, 2013

Discussing Pain

Three weeks after the fact, I finally sat down to watch this in its entirety. I am proud to have a President who recognizes the pain that people feel on a racially divided topic and was brave enough to step up and say something.

His bravado is clearly coming out of the fact that this is his second term and he says what he wants (He wasn't pro-gay married during his first term for the same political reasons).

However, there is a time and place for everything and I am happy that he chose this time to speak up. We need that.

I'm still not ready to watch Fruitvale Station, but also inspired that the stories of black men who have been wrongfully killed and seen no justice for it are being told. Knowing it happened is perhaps the first step in preventing it from happening again.

For those of you who refuse to take the 17 minutes to watch, here are the 4 things he said we could do:

1. Implement police training on the local and state levels to gather data and challenge law enforcement to think about how/why they made a stop. This type of training will allow them to be better at their jobs and build trust in communities where there is no trust now.

2. Take a look at local laws. He said if Trayvon Martin was of age and armed, would he have been able to stand his ground against Mr. Zimmerman because he felt threatened. He said if the answer to that question is at least

3. I honestly have no idea what the third thing was. Y'all should watch the video.

4. Do some soul searching. Try to understand the differences in people, why they feel the way they feel, expect the best not the worst, don't act like we don't have a long history of violence in this country and try to ignore that, etc.

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Ishea said...

I saw Fruitvale Station last weekend and while it was emotional, it was nice to support it. I'd say go and watch... you can definitely check this one out by yourself. We went on opening night and there were only maybe 40 people in the theater... granted I'm also in Seattle, so that could explain it... but it's a short movie, sad, but worth seeing.