Monday, July 22, 2013

Stand Your Ground States

One of the main things that I learned after the Trayvon Martin verdict is that I don't know the laws of the states of our country. Here's an informative article about which states have Stand Your Ground laws.

It's also important to note (as I understand it) that Stand Your Ground is a part of a self-defense law. So it's one of the ways that you can use a self-defense defense. But just because you used self defense, doesn't mean you used Stand Your Ground. Are you confused? Me too. Don't take my word for it. Look up your state and its laws, then states you travel to and their laws, then states you have family in and their laws. If this affects one American injustly, it affects us all.

Another article breaking down the Stand Your Ground States:

Here's the list: 
  1. Florida (where my little brother lives)
  2. Pennsylvania (where I now live)
  3. Illinois (Where most of y'all live. Wait, what?)
  4. Arizona (where my other little brother lives)
  5. Alabama
  6. Texas
  7. Pennsylvania
  8. North Carolina
  9. Kansas
  10. Louisiana
  11. Arizona
  12. Oklahoma
  13. Georgia
  14. Indiana
  15. Kentucky  
  16. Louisiana
  17. Mississippi*
  18. Montana*
  19. Nevada
  20. New Hampshire*
  21. Tennessee
  22. Utah 
  23. Oregon
  24. Washington* (where Ishea now lives)
There's only four states on this list that I haven't been to (noted with an asterisk). This is extremely problematic. The good news is that I'm not a criminal. The bad news is that I'm not aware of or responsible for how someone else views me. If someone is scared that I may kill them (whether the treat is real or not), they can kill me first without legal repercussions. More on that here. This law must go. Starting with Florida for Trayvon's memory. Then Pennyslvania because that's where I chose to live.

More on this tomorrow.

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