Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Wedding Ideas

I recently attended a wedding in Mooresville, NC (30 minutes from Charlotte). There were SO many amazing details at this wedding. Everything ain't for everybody, so I won't necessarily do theses myself, but I wanted to share.

  1. The bride requested that everyone stay seated until she walks past their row, so she could see their dresses
  2. Use the groomsmen as ushers.
  3. Repurpose the flowers from the church for the centerpieces. (Most people do this, but hers looked different. If it wasn't for my attention to detail, I wouldn't even have noticed.)
  4. Horse and carriage to the reception. It was beautiful.
  5. Have a live band for the cocktail hour and a DJ for the wedding reception.
  6. The bride changed into a white dress that looked like her bridesmaids dresses. Amazing way to wear a dress you love and dress down for the reception.
  7. Tear off dresses. That's right, the bottom came off like khaki shorts. First formal, then after five.
  8. Socks at the reception for the ladies. I've seen flip flops before, but socks were so creative. And she had fun stuff socks like Sponge Bob and Betty Boop.
  9. No favors. Unless she considered the photo booth pics and socks favors, which totally makes sense. No one but me keeps favors anyway.
  10. My favorite: Rent a house for the family and/or wedding party to stay in. Not only does it extend the time you get to spend with your attendants, but you can throw parties and after parties (which she did).
It was an amazing weekend!

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jude said...

thanks,i get new wedding ideas from your sit,dress,wedding planning,party hales...and so.. thanks for sharing...