Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It's Happening!!!

I am proud to announce that I finished my training and I am a volunteer at Family House in Pittsburgh, PA. It's like Ronald McDonald House, except it's for families of people of all ages visiting local hospitals.

I'm basically a mix between a tour guide, hotel maid and concierge. I don't have to do any actual cleaning, but I lay out the towels, sheets, soap, cups... you know the amenities. If there are extra folks in the room, I put out the day bed and extra pillows. And I get to greet people when they come in.

Of course, people are dealing with a plethora of sometimes, life-threatening issues. So I'm happy to be a friendly, helpful face when they arrive.

I work and I travel WAY too much to have a regular twice-a-month weekend schedule. BUT they need weekend help and I'm a sub. I'll likely be volunteering once a month. This means I'll volunteer 6 or 7 times this year, which means I will have beat my goal of volunteering once a quarter. I'm happy about that.

I'm waiting for my background check and child abuse check to come back from Family House, so I can mentor with Gwen's Girls. They actually have a much more rigorous volunteer sign-up (think 12 things on a checklist). BUT the ball is rolling. Once I get all my referrals and paperwork squared away, I will be assigned to one of America's youth. I'm excited to meet this girl. I know that no matter what her issue or background is, that God will let me be a positive influence on her life. Man, I'm excited for what he's about to do for her and I don't even know her yet. I know it's not going to be all butterflies and glitter, but if I can make a difference in one person's life, then my life won't be in vain.

Lots of goodness coming up!

Where's the last place you volunteered?

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Ishea said...

I think my last official volunteer situation was at an animal shelter, and I visited one out here in Seattle last week. Once I get settled into my new work schedule (Praise God I just accepted a job offer lol), I'll get signed up as a new volunteer for a shelter out here.