Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I could rock with Charlotte

I go back and forth about the top five cities I could live in.

New York
Dallas or Charlotte (depending on how I feel)
At some point I said Phoenix, but given the racist laws and proposed laws of Arizona I don't know anymore.

And that's it. Now, clearly I can be convinced of some things since I up and moved to Pittsburgh out of the blue. (What's life, if not an adventure?)

So, if you haven't already read this post about how I felt about Charlotte in 2008. It's back on my list. I recently went there for a wedding and was in love with how advanced the airport is and how much culture there is there.

Charlotte is quickly becoming the new black mecca and if you know what a difference a year can make, imagine what five can do.

Again, maybe it was because it was such an amazing wedding weekend surrounded by young, successful, happy people, but I felt good about it.

I had Google maps on my phone and rarely got lost. I was once again enamored with how nice people are. And after having lived in Pittsburgh, I am not as angry when people move with no sense of urgency. People are only truly efficient in New York, Chicago and D.C. Everywhere else it's a crap shoot on fast customer service.

Any cities peak your interest lately? Any old places back on the maybe list?

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Unknown said...

I work in gov and if I could get to Houston I'd strike pay gold! That would be the only reason I'd move there. I've never been...I hear good things, but I'm not too keen on sprawl and having to drive everywhere (at least I have the option of public transportation in Chicago). As long as I'm in government my choices are limited. Pay sucks for pretty much all major metros. Because I'm used to a walkable city, the only other desirable place (for now) is New Orleans.

I'm always on the lookout for new places. Gotta keep my radar on the up-and-comers.