Friday, July 5, 2013

I Can Do Whatever I Want

I saw Queen B in Vegas and oh, what a show it was. Vegas is the exact right place to see a Beyoncé concert. Everyone there was ready to party, freakum dresses everywhere, fabulous men everywhere. It was just the most amazing crowd.

Then Bey DID HER THING! I loved it. You have to see it for yourself. I can't even describe it to you.

I've enjoyed becoming a bigger fan of Bey. I go back and listen to her songs and realize that she's talking about her life or writing love letters to Jay-Z or shutting the naysayers down. It makes me an even bigger fan.

I also enjoy how she did it. Work hard, find someone who matches your swag (please go listen to the lyrics of Upgrade You, man she did that), get married to the king of your empire, have kids, then go back to work and still kill the game.

This is what I want for myself. This is what so many people want or wanted before they realized things don't always go according to plan.

So when I read articles about how she sets a bad example by wearing onesies. Really, of all the bad influences kids have, we're mad a this hard-working, successful, married, mother because you can see the top of her thigh ON STAGE? This cannot be life.

Now she lost her mind with the "bow down bitches" record, but other than that snafu, she is all about empowering women. She has an all female band. She works harder than anyone in the business on her craft and has seen the fruits of her labor. (Do y'all remember when she couldn't dance? Go back and watch those Destiny's Child videos. Bey was struggling. Now, that's what she's known for.) She is politically involved (Seriously, how much did you raise for the Obamas? It was $5 million). She encourages children to be fit and active (Move Your Body anyone) and she lays it down for her man (Tonight I'm Gonna Dance for you) and provides for her daughter. And we're faulting this woman for wearing onesies ON A PERFORMANCE STAGE? Are these idiots mad at Tina Turner too? Ugh!

Here's the good news: Queen Bey keeps it cute and classy. I am SO encouraged at how she chooses to snap back at these idiots... through her lyrics.

"I'm a grown woman. I can do WHATEVER I want." Beyoncé Knowles-Carter

You better preach, Bey. You better preach.

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