Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Stop Singing that Dumb Song

Side note: If you haven't noticed by now, I'm either hot or cold. I either love stuff or I hate it. I can't with warm or lukewarm.

So DJ Khaled puts out a song called No New Friends and Drake is on the hook and mogs are using the hell out of it. If people quoted the Bible the way they quote Drake lyrics... I digress.

So folks are singing it, putting it on hashtags, Tweetgrams... It's probably on button and shirts.

Do you realize that if you were truly #TeamNoNewFriends you wouldn't talk to anyone except your parents. Man, I love new friends. How do you think I have friends from church, high school, college, post-college and now new friends in Pittsburgh? I just went to a wedding of someone I met 6 months ago and stayed with a friend I met at work because I love new friends.

I would be lonely without new friends. You can't take all these old people with you all the time if they don't fit. Look at MC Hammer. Trying to take err'body with him.

I want to make a song called no wack friends or no fake friends, but new friends... *Pops from Friday voice* Gimme all the new friends you can gimme!!!!

If you didn't get the Friday reference, go sit in time out.

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