Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'm up. I'm down.

More like my wallet is up and down. There are some things that are cheaper in a smaller city that make it very worth it. There are other things that I used to think of as modern conveniences that are ridiculously priced for no good got damn reason.

You see, when everyone in a city does their own maintenance and people don't travel much, companies have to tax

Cheaper in Pittsburgh:
  • Rent/Mortgage (probably taxes too, but I don't own, so I do not know)
  • Gas
  • Car notes
  • Car insurance
  • Groceries
  • The salon - $35-$55 for a natural hair wash/blow dry. Oh ok! (I don't go to the salon here, but if I was forced, I'd save some money)
  • Dranks - Liquor at the store, drinks at the bar, bottle service. You can get wasted for the low, low here
  • Valet Parking - I haven't seen it over $6
  • Downtown Parking - I haven't seen it over $13 a day, no matter what time you go in or out and street meters are like a quarter per hour.  
More expensive in Pittsburgh:
  • Mani/Pedis - I seriously paid $43 for a basic mani/pedi. What the what?
  • Waxing (of any kind)
  • Eyebrow Threading - $25? For what? Are you threading my eyebrows with diamond crusted silk? Also, there are no talented, reasonably priced brow artists here. I would rather look like a wilderbeast until I can get to Lakeview Salon than to keep trying out these wack salons.
  • Domestic Flights - there are no direct flights to anywhere except Chicago, NYC and D.C. from here and I HATE it. Sometimes I need to go to other places besides Chicago, NYC and D.C. 
  • International flights - I have currently been online for 90 minutes trying to get a ticket to Jamaica under $500. It's a weekend getaway. Why would I pay $621 to fly? That's hustling backwards. I have considered airlines I said I'd never fly again. I have considered spirit. I have considered a 23 hour layover. It's just ridiculous that I even have to go through this.
  • Dry cleaning - There are no one-price cleaners here. When I go home I seriously consider taking a luggage full of dirty clothes to take to the one-hour cleaners in Chicago. If I ever go home for more than a weekend, this is a strong consideration. $90 for 9 pieces vs. $20 for dry cleaning is a big difference. I could get a one-way flight from Chicago to ATL with that extra $70, meanwhile in Pittsburgh, I just have creased pants.
If I'm not careful I could be spending the same amount of money I was in Chicago in Pittsburgh. Since the cost of living is somewhere between 15-30% cheaper (depending on who's doing the reporting) that doesn't make cents.

I'm not complaining. I'm simply making a note to myself (and anyone else considering a medium sized city who has never ventured here before) to watch the bottom line. It's not how much I spend, but how much I keep that determines my wealth.

Now back to this search. Let me see what priceline is talmbout.


Unknown said...

I've never been to Jamaica, but how much is a ticket from Chi to Jamaica? I wouldn't expect it to be any less than that if you're coming from the Chi, so I know Pittsburgh isn't going to have deals lol. I usually only fly larger airlines though, so I don't really bargain shop for international flights. I just expect it to be between five and seven hundred if you're not flying from NYC or Miami.

I'll be traveling to Pittsburgh in August. Anything interesting poppin off around that time?

T said...

@unknown My friends are leaving directly from Chicago and the tickets to Jamaica were $466. That's an $80 markup to leave from Pittsburgh. I could be wrong, but I don't recall paying more than $500 to go to the Caribbean from the States. I went to France for $600, so this hurts my heart.

I'm clueless as to what's poppin' here since it's my first summer, but check out and for more info.

chichi said...

$42 mani/pedi is steep and $25 eyebrows?? wow!