Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Professional Party-er

I don't think partier or Party-er is a word, but...

I was a professional party-er in Chicago last weekend. Three straight nights (ok, who are we kidding days and nights) of drinking like a fish, but there were passouts, no bad nights and no ugly mornings. Here are some tips if you're planning any big party weekends. Like most things on the blog, this is a reference for me, but y'all are also welcome to it.

  • Hydrate. When I touched down in Chicago I went to Target and got a case of water. Kept it in the trunk of the rental and pretty much drank about 4-6 bottles every day. All a hangover is is dehydration. And we know alcohol dehydrates, so combat that by drinking water like you drink liquor and you'll be fine. I also drank a ton of water at the club. This does not make you a punk. This makes you someone who despises headaches and dry mouth.
  • Take your vitamins. When you're drunk you make poor decisions like going outside when it's 50 degrees with no coat on. And you're warm because you're drunk, so you don't even feel what your body is telling you. To combat this drunken stupidity, I take Airborne daily when it's a big party weekend. Gotta get
  • Take your supplements. You've heard of celebrities taking B12 shots to get their energy back up. Well, you too can get your energy back on track. I just take B12 the morning after a party night and it helped tremendously. This was a new tactic to help me get my life and I'm going to do it all the time now.
  • Eat like a man. Party weekends are no time for diets. Your body is not going to sustain the abuse of liquor if you're eating kale and quinoa. No, go get some burgers, fries, gyros, pizza, pasta and anything else you really want to eat anyway. I had three solid meals EVERY day. Not only did it improve my mood (you know I'm cranky when my blood sugar is low), it helped to soak up all the dranks.
  • Take naps. I rarely if ever get a full night sleep when I'm traveling. I used to have enough vacation time to take off the day before and the day after I travel to pack slowly, recuperate from flights. That is no longer the case. While good sleep is important, I find that it's also just a state of mind. If I tell myself "you only got 4 hours of sleep last night" I'm going to be tired and sluggish all day, but if I say "that was a nice LONG nap" then I'm good to go.
  • Visine. It gets the red out.
  • Have good friends. Someone needs to be the designated driver and someone needs to be the voice of reason. My friends made me get down from a table at the club because it was from Ikea - not built to sustain grown woman weight, they made executive decisions to NOT go to Harold's because I was too sleepy to get out of the car (still mad about that, actually) and they checked on me to make sure, despite mixing light and dark liquor and taking shots like I was 21 and had never tasted liquor before, that life was still good. It is, it was.
Happy Birthday To Me!

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