Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 2013 Fitness Update

One of my goals was to achieve a flat belly and flat belly weight by my birthday. If you've seen any birthday pictures you know that all of my goods were covered up at every event. I thought that I could commit to keeping the belly tight without actually showing the belly. I probably cannot.

I changed my goal from a weight goal to a BMI goal and said that I would maintain a healthy weight in 2013. That's much more obtainable.

I did a #30for30 at the end of March, beginning of April. I feel off on day 26. It was like 80 degrees, there were happy hours followed by late nights. The day just came and went without a workout. I don't feel bad about it. Working out for 25 straight days is still a great accomplishment.

I had some travel right after the falloff, so I probably went about 2 full weeks without working out. Then, just like that, I went back to the gym. It wasn't difficult or a big adjustment at all, which makes me happy. This means that fitness is a part of my lifestyle and I'm off when I DON'T workout vs. being off when I do workout.

Working out is also necessary to get endorphins. Living in a city with no established relationships, it can be very easy to sit on the couch, eat pizza, watch TV and feel sorry for myself. Working out ensures that I don't succumb to pity parties endorphins are truly real. I'm a better relationship partner (work relationships, romantic relationships, friendships) when I work out.

So even though this isn't about a beach body, it's about a healthier lifestyle, we ARE about six weeks away from summer.

Check in! How is everyone doing with their fitness goals?

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