Monday, May 20, 2013

How I Know Bey's Not Pregnant

  1. Because she is a workaholic and a perfectionist she would not get pregnant knowing she has a tour to do.
  2. She did a show and told the audience that her doctors told her not to. No mother is going to defy doctors at the risk of her baby for some fans. She's weird, but she ain't crazy.
  3. She probably just had a sandwich.
  4. Every since she announced that she was preggers with Blue Ivy she has broken all of her news herself. First pics of Blue? She broke it. Pics of the baby one years old. She broke it. Beyoncé is not about that "You tell my story" life any more. No, she will be the author of her own story henceforth and forever more. Believe that.
  5. Her publicist (and the Bey machine) has not confirmed it.
  6. She ain't tryna lose all this tour money.
  7. She ain't tryna lose all this endorsement money. (Please believe Pepsi, H&M and whoever else is doling out millions is not trying to hear about her being pregnant at a photo shoot. Nope.)
  8. Birth control exists and married people use it. (Contrary to popular belief). She ain't Catholic. Tell a friend.
  9. I bought tickets to see her in Vegas and I'm getting a blonde weave and ain't nobody got time to see someone with child try to back it up and drop it. Nope.
  10. Necole Bitchie said it's not true. So there's that.


Unknown said...

I think she was in the middle of a big promo blitz when she was pregnant with Blu Ivy, but I can't remember. Beyonce is a slave to her schedule. Getting pregnant would be the *one* thing to free up some time, so I wouldn't put it past her. They haven't been releasing additional tickets for her shows, and that's a red flag to me. We'll have to stay tuned!

South Loop Social Light said...

I think she's knocked up for sure, but respect and understand their desire to keep the new to themselves for now. Especially give the challenges they've had w/ prior pregnancies. Good luck with your blonde weave lol... I wouldn't want to dole out all those coins for tickets to see a preggers Bey trying to work the stage. For all that money, I want her to be seed-free and gyrating all around lol.