Friday, May 10, 2013

He Rose and I Survived!

Found this in my drafts. Easter was  over a month ago but...

I survived Lent 2013. 40 days and 40 nights (it's actually 46 and I need a good Catholic to come on here and explain why) without TV. No YouTube clips of TV, no Hulu, no podcasts of TV shows (someone seriously suggested this to me because it's not on the actual television. o_O)

I prayed daily. I had to. WHAT else could I have been doing that I couldn't find time to pray. (Plus in fasting when you want to do what you gave up, you're supposed to pray anyway, so there's that).

Here's a list of things I did since I couldn't watch TV. It's kind of funny because these are things I should be doing anyway, but don't (due to TV).

- Called my family on the phone
- Shredded documents
- Cooked
- Cleaned
- Went to the movies
- Read a book (or several)
- Exercised (a lot towards the the end)
- Updated my nonprofit's website
- Answers emails
- Updated my student loan debt repayment plan

I'm sure I did some other stuff that I wouldn't typically do because I'd be "too busy". But it was a great time and like all periods of sacrifice it taught me some things about myself.

How did Lent go for you?

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