Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Crushin' the Crew

Crushin' the crew is not allowed. Let me explain. First, I'm not using the word crush as urban lingo for smash or bang. I mean a real life I feel like I'm 16 again (except now instead of will he send me a note, I'm like will he like my pics on IG... a mess).

So every once in a while I get a crush on someone in my crew. Now, you have core crew members, people who's phone numbers you have. People who would grill at your house if you asked them to. People who know how to spell and say your name correctly.

Then you have extended crew members. The males friends, frat, family and otherwise attached fellas to the core members of your crew. The extended crew will be around. Maybe not as frequently, but you are guaranteed to see said fellas again and sometimes over and over again.

Man, I gotta stop crushin' the extended crew. Because if/when it doesn't work out it's SO awkward. I also have a tendency to want to know answers to unwanted questions when I'm um... excited. Yeah, we'll call it excited.

Last year sometime:
T: I have the biggest crush on you.
Extended crew member: Word, give me your number (or something like that)

***he never calls***
**crew time gets awkward**
*I heard he got a girlfriend*

This weekend

T: Hey, how's your girlfriend?
ECM: What girlfriend? I don't have a girlfriend.
T: Oh... *perplexed face* I could have sworn you had a girl. I thought that's why you didn't call me.
ECM: What are you talking :about?
T: I had THEE BIGGEST crush on you last year. I gave you my number. You never called. I thought it was because of ol' girl.
ECM: I don't remember getting your number. Was I drunk?
T: I don't know.
ECM: Oh ok... *walks away*

T: *picks face up*

WHOA! I was/am so embarrassed. I'm not feeling him anymore (duh, crushes fade), but this cracked face situation is the reason for my next statement.

So I'm crushin' another ECM, but I'll never tell him. I just can't deal with the possibility of rejection, especially since it's just a crush. It'll fade. It's only like 20 single dudes in the extended crew anyway. It's like a million other single dudes in the world whose faces I don't have to stare into at family barbecues if they're not feeling me. 

No more crushin' the crew. Well... until I get *excited. Womp.

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