Sunday, April 14, 2013

Go To Sleep!

I did a Facebook poll asking friends whether they turn their phone on ring, vibrate or silent when they go to sleep.

Of the 14 respondents

Silent - 7 (2 people said DND which I grouped as silent)
Ring - 6
Vibrate - 1

The reason I did this poll is because I send emails and notes at all times of the day and night. Generally, I send messages when I am free which has nothing to do with appropriate hours to reach someone. In today's society when people receive all notifications on their phone, it occurred to me that I could be being rude by sending messages at any time. I sent an Evite out at 8:30 a.m. ET on a Saturday, so people who were on the west coast might have been cursing my name.

In case you were wondering I put my phone on silent when I go to sleep. Social media is in my job description. There isn't an hour of the waking day that I'm not online and completely available and reachable. When I'm sleep, I need to be able to go off the grid. It's my only truly free time. 

Almost everyone who said they keep their phone on ring or vibrate qualified it. It's like they know they should turn the phone off to get a good night's sleep, but they have reservations. Here are my tips to get over those reservations, get a good night's sleep AND to get them to stop cursing me out when I send late night texts, emails and GroupMe chats.

I keep my phone on ring because I'm not that popular - Likely, if you're not that popular, you have a list of people who COULD be calling whose call you would take in the wee hours of the morning. GET AN iPHONE NOW! It has a "Do Not Disturb" feature that stops texts, emails and calls from anyone other than folks on your "favorites" list. Add your small group of people you'd actually take calls from to your favorites. Now you're good to go.

I need to keep my phone on ring because I use it as my alarm - Again, upgrade to an iPhone IMMEDIATELY. You'll wonder how you lived in the dark ages so long. I put my phone on silent every night and my smart iPhone recognizes that the alarm still needs to make noise whether the phone is on silent or not. How dumb are Blackberries Androids for not figuring this out?

I keep my phone on ring because someone could have an emergency - Stop what you're doing. Make a list of everyone you love. Call them RIGHT NOW and tell them you love them. Now that you've done that step, know that if God and Satan came to an agreement that something horrible is going to happen to your loved one, there's nothing you can do to stop it (Look at Job's family). If everyone you love knows you love them, there's no need to worry that you'll be needed while you're sleeping. Unless there are special circumstances (Caring for an ailing loved one, a disabled child who's away from you, etc.), there's no reason to lose sleep about something that COULD happen.

So what do you think? Is this helpful or do I need to stop emailing y'all early in the morning?


ThummyB said...

LOL - Good response.

I think it's just different strokes for different folks. I get 8 hrs of sleep every night w/my phone on ring, so that works for me :-)

TatooTuesday said...

Being a beneficiary of people who have had there phone on, I definitely leave my phone on. I've definitely had a friend come get me out of jail with a 2am phone call. And have had friends come get me when I had car trouble (Too far from home for Triple AAA) and I don't live in a cab serviceable area.

I definitely leave my phone on because, anything can happen.

Plus a pretty lady can get me out of my bed at almost any hour

Luvvie said...

Don't come for Android!!! My phone's alarm will go off whether it's on silent or not (and yes, I put my phone on silent when I go to sleep).

Nicola Ellis said...

I have to sleep with my phone on DND. It's very disconcerting for me to be awakened from a deep sleep by a ringing phone. The DND gives me the option of checking my phone and responding to phone calls and/or text messages at will. Like others have said...emergencies do happen and I will often check my phone several times throughout the night just in case. I didn't always sleep with my phone off, I've just been awakened too many times from slow stupid people calling me at 6am for absolutely no reason at all than that they were awake and figured they would call without absolutely no regard to whether or not I am woke (charge it to the lack of common sense in the dating world these days! LOL!)

Unknown said...

My phone is pretty much always on vibrate, and has been for years. These days I don't get many calls at all, so it's better for my self-esteem (I can look at my phone and go "Wow! Someone called! Sweeeet!!!"). The only people who'd really call me in an emergency are my parents (well...except that one time my cousin called. Oops.). My mom will call my house phone anyway. I don't have a smart phone, and I think features like DND increase people's rudeness (count rant about that for days). Just don't...answer...the phone...or turn it off. :| We really don't need to be accessible 24 hours a day. I'm building up to the day where I'll be a real G and will only have a landline, so I 2am call will REALLY mean an emergency (or--if not--a future beatdown).