Monday, March 25, 2013

I Should Have Cried

Someone shot and killed a six month old baby in Chicago.
I didn't cry.
I wanted to.
But I didn't.
I don't know if I'm numb or if I'm removed from Chicago living in Pittsburgh or if I was just tired.

The last time I felt this bad about a shooting I tried to figure out what I could do. I said I would mentor kids. I reached out to an org and they didn't hit me back.

I got busy again.

I'm STILL not doing anything to help, so I feel like a part of the problem. I'm not even going to say I'm definitely going to start working with youth in Pittsburgh to do my part.

But I can't keep shaking my head and doing nothing.

Ok, I'm putting it here. I WILL mentor a child in Pittsburgh. I'm going to give myself a couple of months to research the best opportunities. I will be committed to an organization by the end of 2013. It's on the blog, therefore it is true.

In the meantime, I will continue praying for peace in my city.

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