Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I was in Cancun for work and my hair was so... moist. Because the air was damp... because it was humid. And I realized that my hair wasn't doing what I asked it to do, but it WAS keeping a form of a style longer and fluffing up better and just being more fabulous in general.

So while dark hair color and longer (untrimmed) hair MAY be my problem. Something I had not considered is the humidity levels in Chicago vs. Pittsburgh. I think I've found the culpit for my hair woes: dry air.

The air is MUCH drier in Pittsburgh.

Howsoever, I still don't know what do do about it.

Any natural hair ladies go from a moist climate to a dry climate... what did you do? I need tips.

*heads to Google*

P.S. Thanks chichi for the healthgrades info (and all the other stuff you post that I don't respond to). I'm reading it and I appreciate you!

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antithesis said...

try different things. i alternate: coconut oil, castor oil, oyin handmade juices and berries, shea moisture products, this twist butter my bf gave me, spraying sections with water/leave-in before twisting/braiding for the night and sealing with hair butter.