Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hecky Naw Joe

So I get in from work at a decent hour and I get dressed to go work out. I also start doing laundry because my mom will be here tomorrow and I guess at some point I should clean up.

I lollygag for a little bit, then fill my water bottle and look for my headphones. They are not on the counter where I usually keep them. So I check another counter, my table top, my bed, my purse, my workout bag, my laptop bag.

Then I sit on the couch. Sometimes just slowing down will help you remember.

So I think (I actually Tweeted) if I were my headphones, where would I be? By George, I think I've got it. They're in my hoodie pocket.

Check the front closet. Nope, not in my hoodie pocket.

So the washing machine stops. Good. I need to put another round of laundry in before I go to workout ANYWAY.

But the washing machine is actually just backed up and not done. This has happened before. I call maintenance and ask them to get this fixed.

So I can't find my iPod and my washing machine is broken. Great.

Wait a minute... I can't find my iPod AND my washing machine is broken.

Wouldn't you know my iPod WAS in my hoodie pocket and said hoodie was in the washing machine.

I pulled it out and the washing machine now works. I put the iPod in a cup of rice. I'm laughing at myself right now. Hecky naw joe!

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