Friday, March 8, 2013

Eating Better

I've been taking fitness and nutrition classes at work. It's a 12 week (or maybe 14 or maybe 16, can't remember) program called New Year, New You. I did it to keep me on point pre-30... Woo that age is coming around the corner like a bat outta hell... but I digress.

So we're talked about eating real food, sugar consumption, eating fake food, emotional eating. And upcoming we'll be talking about fat, salt, carbs... probably other stuff I don't REALLY want to know about.

But, when I know better, I can do better. Here are some changes I've made and will hope to make habits.

1. Limiting sugar intake. It's supposed to be 50g per day (Try that. It's HARD AS HELL) Not to worry, I'm still going to be the cupcake queen, but I'll pay attention to the TYPE of sugar I'm eating. Is it processed? Is it fake sugar? Could I get a lower sugar version of something. Oatmeal for example, I rock with Quaker. Everything else tastes like hot garbage. So the regular version is 24g of sugar per instant packet. The low sugar is 11g per instant packet and the weight control version is 1g per instant packet. I might as well do low sugar oatmeal to save my sugar allowance for something decadent.

1B. Using Stevia whenever possible. Stevia is an herb that's 200x more sweet that sugar. So you use less of it AND it doesn't digest in your body (and cause an insulin response) the way that sugar, corn syrup, honey and agave nectar do. So I bought that for my morning weekday coffee and tea on the weekends. Remind me to report back.

2. Eating real food. I've been trying to eat more salads for lunch and not the processed $2 Michelina's, Smart Ones and Lean Cuisines. Those things got me through my 20s, but I need to eat for life now and with heart attack being the #1 killer of women, I should probably slow down the sodium intake wherever possible.

Trina (who's fitness journey is truly inspiring) put up an Instagram photo that said eating healthy means avoiding any foods with a commercial. So true. Lettuce doesn't need a commercials. LOL!

3. Reading labels. Again, understanding how sugar, carbs, fat, sodium and everything else affect my body and what's a healthy amount of those things, will help me to make better choices at the grocery store. Before long, I'm going to be shopping at Pennsylvania farms. #DontJudgeMe

Have you made any healthier food choices lately? Share them with me!!!

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KJ said...

Oh this is good! Keep sharing please!