Saturday, March 23, 2013

Beyonce Concert!!!

Beyonce isn't coming to Pittsburgh (Go figure). And she's coming to Chicago in the middle of the work week. I need to try to save my vacation days for real vacations, not mid-week concerts.

So I bought two tickets to the Mrs. Carter

Me (via text): Do you want to go to the Beyonce concert with me in Vegas?
Homegirl (on my text): HELL YEAH
Homegirl (calls my phone immediately): Yes, I can go. Did you get my text? I'll put the money in your account tomorrow.
Homegirl (via email): Hey, I found a hotel deal for Vegas. I sent it to you before I called you.

I'm not joking call. This all happened like 30 seconds after I sent the text.

Someone's excited. LOL!

I'm excited too! WE'RE GOING TO SEE BEYONCE IN VEGAS!!!! I might get a blonde weave too... I dunno. I need to be able to act a fool.

Do you have any fun concerts coming up?


antithesis said...

going to the see beyonce in DC. it was a struggle to get the tickets. the first show was a bust, despite my bf's best efforts while i was at work. She added a second show and I was able to get tickets for my niece and myself.

KJ said...

That is hilarious. Why do I really want you to wear that blonde weave? I can't wait to see her in NY. Besides her, I can't wait to see our man in July. Yes, I said our like he knows me. LOL!