Friday, February 8, 2013

The Tax Man Cometh

So I usually get a fat tax return. In my former years I may have... possibly... tricked it off. In recent [more responsible] years I used it to pay down debt, stack vacation funds and give myself reasonable treats for being awesome.

I did my taxes last night. Sidenote: I had to wait on three W-2s. Man, you don't understand the torture. I also had one of my company's send it to an address that doesn't exist, so I played myself on that one. I usually have my refund by now and am planning my trip to NBA All-Star weekend (#DontJudgeMe).

My how things have changed. Because I had three jobs and live in two different states, at first it seemed like I was going to owe THE MAN big bucks. But I itemized and despite owning NOTHING, I'm quite the charitable sister, so I got a NICE refund.

Who wants to take a guess what I did with it? I sent it directly to ING Direct. Or Capital 360... their new brand name.

I feel like such an old fart. The youngin' in me would like to trick off on some overpriced bottles of liquor, go on a vacation she can't afford or get a $250 facial (All things I've done before. I am not ashamed). But my responsible self is smiling at hitting another savings goal and making a true commitment to financial health and wellness.

Could you ever imagine that one would get such joy from putting money away and not touching it? It's not quite the joy of a shopping spree, but joy nonetheless. My financial planner should be proud.

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