Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Servant to the Lender...

Man, I knew I didn't want a car. Not only is my car insurance about $6 more per month than I budgeted (which takes money from my gas fund), but listen to this.

My leasing bank called my car insurance company and told them my deductible was too high. My car insurance dropped my deductible and drove my monthly rate up THEN called me to tell me it happened.


This is what happens when you don't pay cash and own your own things. So I call the leasing bank... but it wasn't the bank. It was the insurance service center... They told me to call the bank.

I finally get on the phone with the bank. She puts me on hold. The call drops.

I call back. The customer service rep (misleading title there) tells me that there's NOTHING that can be done. I ask to speak to her manager. She puts me on hold for 10 minutes, but FIRST she tells me "it doesn't matter if you talk to a manager or not. They're going to tell you the same thing."

Oh ok. I'll wait. Manager gets on and says "now usually I don't do this, but..." Exactly. Hold again.

She gets back on the phone and says she has to transfer to another department and they will call me back. They also want to know WHY I want MY deductible to be so high.

I should have just bought a hooptie. I'd own it outright though and no one could tell me what my deductibles should or shouldn't be.

Please believe I told everyone: my State Farm rep, the person at the middle man company, the first customer service rep I got disconnected from, the second customer service rep who wasn't worth a hill of beans AND the supervisor: If you don't let me keep my deductible where it is, I WILL get another loan.

No person with good credit should have to deal with this nonsense from banks who are ALREADY making big money off of you.

I'm not paying the five.

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