Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Superstitions.

So right before the new year my honey tells me that he's doing his laundry because you're not supposed to take dirty laundry with you from one year to the next. It signifies new, fresh beginnings. I asked Facebook what superstitions, proverbs and old wives tales people know.

10. How you start your year is how you will end it (I may have made this up). This is why I always seek God first on New Year's Eve at somebody's church service and then surround myself with people I love having a good time. I believe that means my year will be filled with God and love.
9.  Do your laundry BEFORE the new year.
8. DON'T do laundry ON new year's day. You will wash someone out of the family
7. Keep some money in your pocket for the new year countdown and you will never be broke.
6. Don't let a woman be the first to walk through your down on January 1. It's bad luck. (This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I live by myself. I am the first and last to leave every day.)

I digress.

5. The color of the underwear you wear on NYE are important. The person who wrote this one said she thinks red and yellow undies signify good luck.
4. Avoid unlucky foods (whatever those are)
3. Eat lucky foods including, but not limited to: black eyed peas, greens, green veggies, 12 grapes, sweet round things, fish and pork.

Do you know of any New Year or New Year's Eve superstitions that I missed?

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