Monday, January 28, 2013

Let's Talk About Age

I skipped third grade. This means when everyone else in 4th grade was 9, I was 8. And when everyone in Driver's Ed was 16, I was 15. And when everyone who started college was 18, I was 17. And when everyone could drink legally, I was 20. And when everyone was doing it big for 25, I was 24.

And while everyone was celebrating their dirty and flirty thirties, I was  AM STILL 29!!! (YES!!!) This being too young thing is finally starting to work in my favor.

I digress.

On top of skipping a grade, I also happen to be extremely driven and my blessings are disproportionate to my talent. God has smiled on me in a major way. So add favor and drive to already being a year ahead of everyone who is my same age and I've moved up exponentially in my.. everything, but especially my career. This means I am usually younger than the people who carry the same title as me. In some cases, I manage people who are younger than me. And while I'd like to say "that's life," I've seen ridiculous attitude changes when people find out their "boss" is younger than them.

Skipping a grade showed me the importance that people may put on age in a negative way. In grammar school, everyone called me a "baby" because I was one year (or in some cases 6 months) younger than them. Due to these negative sentiment surrounding my age (or lack thereof), I have ALWAYS kept my age a secret.

When I left my last job, my coworkers demanded to know how old I was and I finally shared. People thought I was 5-10 years older. Not because I look old, but because of my experience, background and how I carry myself.

I actually am not dying my gray hairs while I'm in Pittsburgh (disgusting, I know) because I want people to think I'm older than I am so they'll respect my counsel.

Now, I'm probably not going to wear a 30 on my chest on my birthday at work, but the reason I'm more comfortable FINALLY sharing my age here (go through my 1200 blog posts and you'll never see me share my age) is that I remembered - or perhaps even realized - that God did not give me favor so I could act like I was special. He gave me favor to get the glory. How is he going to get any glory for my accomplishments if I don't tell people what he's done?

So yes, I'm in a remarkable place in God, in my finances, in my career, in my relationships, in my journey. I'm 29 and in exactly 3 months I will be 30.

Glory be to God.


South Loop Social Light said...

I'm glad that you decided to share this. My goal is to never be the woman that is ashamed (for whatever reason) of her age. I'm 28 and excited to grow older. I've always felt that people didn't share their age b/c of not feeling like their life reflected what they thought it should be. Age and Wisdom don't always correlate... but I think you're remarkably blessed and it's a walking testimony that God can and WILL use you and bless your life... and you don't have to be 50yo for that to happen. So enjoy the countdown to your 30th birthday and know that you're inspiring so many people :)

Luvvie said...

I coulda written at least half of this post, as you just spoke my truth! COME ON, JESUS AND HIT YOUR HOLY DOUGIE IN OUR LIVES!!!

chichi said...

I always thought you were in your early thirties! Wishing you continued success in every area of your life in your thirties and beyond :)