Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hair Regimen

Ok, I've gotten some suggestions for how to extend my two strand twist-outs to five days. If I extend to seven, it'll be like a small miracle and the last two days I will probably look a mess, but desprerate times call for desperate measures.

Sidenote: when I have to dry twist my hair I hear Ishea's voice in my head going "What's 20 extra minutes when it comes to your hair looking cute." It's more like 45 to twist and roll my hair, but I feel the sentiment.

Day 1 - Two strand twists, pinned up in the back. (I look like a ballet dancer with this style. It's not the worse thing ever.)

Day 2 - Two-strand twists, rod set and half pulled apart

Day 3 - Full two-strand twistout (if it were up to me this is how I would wear my hair every day and it would look Day 1 fresh)

Day 4 - 2nd day full two-strand twistout. On the evening of day 3, I can pull my hair up so that the ends are at the top of the bonnet. This protects the style better than if the ends are at the bottom of the bonnet. (I hope this makes sense)

Day 5 - Full two-strand twistout. On the evening of day 4, I will have to dry twist and rod set

Days 6 & 7- On rough weeks I will pull my hair back into a headband on days 6 and 7. Otherwise I will wash and re-twist my hair on the evening of Day 5.

If I remember, I'll put up a pic stitch so you all can see what these styles look like.

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