Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 Fitness Goals

I set my 2013 goals and one of them is to get to my flat belly weight by my birthday (April 28th, tell a neighbor, tell a friend). I'm going to be 30 this year and I can't just succomb to stomach fat. Nope, can't do it. (I'll write a post shortly about why I've been so mum on my age to date.)

However, as I've turned this sharp corner towards 30, I've realized that I want to eat healthier and do better on a regular basic vs. just ramping up for my birthday or a vacation or anything like that.

When I was getting my money together, I told my financial planner that I should probably stop taking trips until my credit cards were paid off. He completely disagreed. He said since vacations and trips are important to me, I need to instead, budget for them and keep steadily chipping away at my credit card debt and contributing regularly to my savings WHILE still taking trips.

I'm going to apply this same approach to my eating habits. At first blush, I would think to cut out all of my cupcakes and baked good indulgences, but I LOVE those things. So instead of denying myself I'm trying to think of ways to do cuts back.

Here's what I AM doing so far:

  • Trading in red meat for turkey wherever possible (turkey sausage for breakfast, ground turkey in my spaghetti). I'll still eat bacon and steak at restaurants, but less of it at home should help.
  • Cutting out the microwave lunches - To keep costs down, I always buy pre-packaged lunches. Someone who cares about me pointed out that the sodium in those things are sky high and sodium retains water, thereby making you keep weight on. I started checking the label and they are truly heart attacks in a box. I can't believe they're legal to tell you the truth. 
  • Working out 3X a week, EVERY WEEK. I know diet is attached to losing weight more than exercise, but this is keeping my heart healthy and hopefully helping me to maintain.
  • Renewing my subscriptions - I got a subscription to Self Magazine. What you put into your mind is what you'll get out of it. So I have to put healthy thoughts and information in to keep it top of mind. 
Here's what I would like to do, but am not quite there yet:
  • Cut out bread OUTSIDE of my home. I eat bread on sandwiches and with nice meals at restaurants. Unless it's whole grain bread, it's truly empty calories. And bread doesn't break down the way veggies and protein do. It just sits on my stomach giving me a food baby. #NoBueno
  • Cut down my dessert intake. If it were up to me, I'd eat dessert with every meal. I've been a bit handicapped in Pittsburgh because there are no good cupcake places within walking distance of my home or job. HOWEVER, I eat cookies and brownies and other things at my leisure during the work day. That same someone who cares about me challenged me to eat ONE dessert a week vs. 3-5 (or more) like I do now. I am not committing to that, but it is a goal I'm going to work towards. If desserts are like vacation, I remember an extremely irresponsible year when I took a weekend vacation once a month. In comparison, last year, I only went on one vacation (I took a couple of trips, but no real vacays). I didn't feel like last year lacked anything. So even though, I'm obsessed with desserts now, I know once I make the change, it'll feel more normal and not torturous.
With these small changes, I've lost about a lb a week since the beginning of the year. If I can keep up this momentum, I'll be right where I need to be at the end of March and April (and the rest of the year) will be about maintaining.

Are you making any small fitness changes this year?


KJ said...

Oh my! Now I am going to be looking at the content of those frozen meals. Guess I'll have to cut those out.

I gave up pop a week ago. We shall see how that goes. So far I am 8 days free. I've upped my water intake.

Now if only I can stop eating after 10 and working out 3 times. I should be good.

Trying to be good by my 31st. Yikes!

Good luck!

Miss Ti said...

I've decided to eat healthy Mon - Fri and splurge on the weekends. That's going to require a lot of planning ahead and cooking for me, but I think I can do it.