Thursday, December 13, 2012

To decorate or not to decorate...

After moving to PGH, I realized... I don't like to decorate. I used to think I didn't decorate because I didn't have enough space or money. Now that neither of those things are a barrier, I still haven't decorated. I haven't bought any new furniture or paintings or bookshelves or anything since I moved to Pittsburgh and I absolutely need to. It's like white wall city in here and my furniture doesn't really go with my new apartment.

I like the IDEA of decorating. It seems like it would be fun, but the amount of design choices I have and decisions I'd need to make are overwhelming to me. I just want to sit and relax (and put decorating ideas of Pinterest knowing full well I will never do anything with them).

My disdain for decorating was solified in my mind when I also had no desire whatsoever to put up Christmas decorations. You know what that sounds like to me: work. Go buy a tree, lug it to my apartment, lug it up the elevator (and/or pay someone to do that), rearrange furniture, buy lights, string lights, buy ornaments, put those up. Vacuum those damn pine needles daily.

THEN when Christmas is over, I have to take it all down, store the lights and ornaments (where would I store decorations in a 1BR apartment?) Lug the tree out of the house. Vacuum again (man, I hate vacuuming).

I'm not doing that crap until I have kids and if I can convince my husband to take a warm weather trip every Christmas instead of doing the tree crap... oh yes, new traditions could be formed. 

With all the money I just saved on Christmas decorations (and decorating in general) I think I will go buy a festive holiday shoe. See how I just made this post positive? YES!

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