Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Taking Technology for Granted

Inconsistent Fares
I ride the Trolley (the T) to and from work everyday. It's $2.50 there and back. You pay before you go to the platform, like a toll booth. But if no one is in the booth, you can pretty much walk by without paying. My first week here I actually didn't know how to pay, so I was just riding for free (Dude goes on his break right when I get off work).

So yesterday, out of the blue, a lady made me pay $3.25. Actually the price on the box came up and  it said $3.25. It ws so strange. The lady said 4:30-6:30 p.m. were peak hours.

Paper Fare System
So I walk like 5... maybe 7 blocks from my job to the Port Authority to buy a week bus pass for the last week of November. It was Wednesday. The lady tells me their bus cards actually run Sun-Sat. I looked and it was like a laminated piece of paper. I am not making this up. I'm SO used to Chicago, I figured whatever day I used it first, that's the

Connect What?
They have this thing in Pittsburgh called the Connect Card. It's like the Chicago Card plus. There are machines in every "T" station that sell them. Except they don't. I couldn't figure out how to work it, so I asked one of the friendly booth workers what the deal was. He told me they were supposed to be in rotation in September, but now the machines are in all the stations, but they still don't have the technology.

**somebody's grandma's voice** The next time you use you CTA Card Plus, remember, everyone doesn't have what you have. Be thankful for machines that work. I'm laughing, but I'm so serious.

I'm probably still going to take the T when I buy a car. It costs like $6 a day to park downtown. I already pay to park at home. I might as well say gas and $1 a day (Y'all see what's happening to me. I'm getting cheap because the cost of living is so low. My financial planner loves it. More on this later.)

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