Monday, December 10, 2012

Hair Check-In

I showed you all the pic of me having to cut inches off of my split ends and you see how much darker my hair is now. I thought after that heavy maintenance that my hair would be easier to manage. Generally, when I get my hair colored, it loosens the curl. And I typically suffer a bit of heat damage because I straighten my hair when I get the ends clipped, but it's out of control now.

- It won't keep a two-strand twistout (my favorite style) for more than a day
- It's MUCH straighter than it's ever been since

I think I need to use clarifying shampoo to get some spring back to it.

I've tried using larger rods to curl it when I two-strand twist it. It's dope for like a day, then I either have to dry twist it at night or wear a headband because the curl is gone after going to sleep.

I've tried using more gel and that works, but only when I dry twist it.

My entire issue is that I only want to do my hair once a week. On a weekend day and then not have to fuss with it for the rest of the week. I'll wear a bonnet, a doo rag, a bandana, whatever it takes, but I really don't want to style it more than once a week. Per usual, I want too much. 

Some folks have suggested doing a braid out and/or a braided styles for the beginning of the week and then letting it loose towards the end of the week. I may need to learn how to braid first (don't judge me).

I would just cut this crap off, but my honey vetoed that decision, so I need another solution. If you know any natural hair styles that last for a week, hollatchagurl. Maybe I just need a winter weave... *strokes chin*

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South Loop Social Light said...

Well, the problem is that you want to do your hair once a week, but you don't want to do a style that only requires maintenance one day a week. You can start with twists and pin them into an updo of sorts, then let them down towards the end of the week...

but I think it'd be better to start looking for ways to make styling your hair not as much of a chore as it seems it might be. What's 20 mins to re-twist at night if you're guaranteed to have the results you like?

OR... get a weave/braids/twists and give yourself a break from styling altogether.