Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Twilight Zone...

The people in Pittsburgh are SO nice. Like genuinely nice, not fake southern nice (#NoDiss) or regular Midwest polite (#NoDiss). But people ask how I'm doing and genuinely care about the answer. I have met SUCH good people here. That was a huge part of my decision to move. I knew hoped that if nothing else, I’d enjoy the people I met and worked with, but let me explain.

On the phone:
T: Hi, have I reached the water company?

Guy: Hi there, this is the water company, but you’ve reached the wrong number. The correct number is XXX-XXX-XXXX, BUT… keep my number. If you can’t reach who you want over there, call me back and I’ll help you find the right person.

At a networking event:
Preacher’s wife: Here’s my personal cell and e-mail. Call me if you need anything at any time.


T: Hi there, such and such gave me your info. I don’t know anyone here. I’d love to meet you.
A friend of a friend: Perfect, I’ll come pick you up and we can go from there.

A friend of another friend: Awesome. I’ll get a group of young professionals together at a wine bar one night soon and you can meet people that way.
Um… did God put me in a phenomenal place or what? There aren’t any cabs or reputable cupcakes places [from what I have observed], but I’ll never want for anything with all these amazing people surrounding me. YES! YES! YES!

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South Loop Social Light said...

Glad to see your move has been nothing but awesome thus far! Always inspiring to see someone not afraid to trust their gut (and God) and take leap.