Monday, November 12, 2012


When something occurs to me, I have to do it immediately or write it down immediately otherwise I will forget. While packing my apartment in Chicago, I realized that I did not have any more checks in my checkbook. A quick search and I realized I did not know where my other boxes of checks were.

I started to do something else. When I wrote this post it was about a week later (two days before I'm scheduled to move in to my new apartment).

Do you know what you need when you move into a new apartment... A CHECK FOR THE FIRST MONTH'S rent.

Okay, no problem, let me check and see where the nearest Chase bank is. In Ohio... 33 miles away. Which would not be the biggest deal IF I HAD A CAR...

So I call Chase and the lady was super helpful. We thought through some solutions

- Look for my checks - Won't work because they're in a box that I can't open until they deliver them to my new apartment, that I can't get into until I present a check.

- Increase my per day ATM withdrawal amount, so I could take it all out and get a cashier's check from a local bank to pay my rent. - Doesn't work because Chase won't let me increase the limit because I just changed the address on the account. A great safety precaution. An irritating problem standing in between me and my new home.

- See if my landlord will let me pay with a credit card - If I remember to update these

Then I remembered my rent is prorated. With my current levels if I do NO debit transactions (highly unlikely) for two days I could POSSIBLY

- Take the money out of the ATM over the course of a couple of days and pay cash - my lease explicitly says no cash payments.

- Take the money out of the ATM and open a new account at another bank and use that first raggedy check they give me - Who knows if this is even possible.

- Take the money out of the ATM and get a cashier's check from any open bank willing to do business with a scatterbrain.

If I remember to update this post, I'll let y'all know what happened.

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